Granite Products
Bolton Granite does everything differently.
Bolton Granite believes in thinking differently.
Bolton Granite believes that our products change your life.  

Granite Products

Make your life better with Granite Worktop, Granite Table or Bathroom Top​

Bolton Granite makes products for your kitchen, bathroom, shop, and customer counter that are beautifully handcrafted, simple to use and user friendly.

Bolton Granite cares of what you like, what you need and what you want.

Bolton Granite started handcrafting Kitchen Granite Worktops, Granite Tops and Bathroom Tops in 2008

Later Bolton Granite introduced to existing and new customers new product Granite Tables. Granite Table can be made from one of 300+ stone colours customer can find in stock or in one particular colour - matching your granite product installed by Bolton Granite

Product of the year 2011 is Granite Soap Dish. All Bolton Granite products, and its Granite Soap Dish as well, can be made from natural stone specifically chosen by customer, or even its specific part of the stone.

More information can be found on Bolton Granite's facebook page (did you click 'Like'?) Bolton Granite at

Bolton Granite introduces LED lighting and LED Marble back lighting. LED sourced by Bolton Granite uses green energy in technology. Bolton Granite offers full waterproof LED back lighting which expands natural stone beauty and create stunning 3D HD effect. You can call Bolton Granite for details and to find which translucent natural stones let LED light through. This LED lighting can be installed in the kitchen worktop, kitchen backslash or thanks to its full waterproof and low voltage behind bathroom top, vanity tops, bathroom backsplash or anywhere where translucent natural stone is going to be used.

Bolton Granite introduces new stone marking service. Advertise your business, your favourite quote or name of your love's one for life on Granite, Marble or Quartz surface. Thin layer of the stone face is removed, which makes marking last forever.

Moreover, Bolton Granite produces unspecific, unshaped or any product you wish to have made from stone to change your life, just call Bolton Granite to make arrangement.

Handcrafted Granite Worktops - Natural Stone In Your Life​

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